released June 17, 2013



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Track Name: Step Back
The more that you speak, the more you let on
That you don’t know a fucking thing.
Try to walk that walk
And live that life,
But don’t expect a second glance from me.
Step back.

Take a step back.
I don’t have time for this.
You’re a fucking fraud and I don’t give a shit.
You’ve got too much to say
And too much to prove.
I can see the peer pressure weighing down on you.

Shake the right hands and grease the right palms.
I’m sure you’ll do fine around here.
Stick out that chin and puff up that chest.
Hey asshole,
I’m not fucking impressed.

I see you scan the room for approval
With every move that you make.
So fucking weak.
You’ve got no self respect.

I’m not fucking impressed.
Track Name: Run/Stand

We’ve got to go.
Let’s get the fuck out of here.
We’re smothering.
Don’t look back.
Just run.

There’s plenty of time for life to beat you down
So stomp the pedal ‘til the gas runs out.
There’s a world of shit when we get back home,
But I’ve got to hold on while I can.


Inside I form my plan.
The world is where I make my stand.
They can kick you down.
They can strip you bare.
They can never touch what you have inside.
Make your stand.
Track Name: The Joke
I know I’ve let you down,
But I don’t know how to be what you want me to be.
If I could only find my groove,
I could make my mark.
So I chop and change
To find my place,
But every move made is just another mistake.
I know you saw potential,
But your son is falling apart.

If I went straight
I might go far,
But I can’t fucking stand things the way they are.
I’ve been told, “Slow and steady is the only way to win.”
They might be right,
But I can’t slow down.

My youth has fled.
Still I can’t sow down.

Have I failed?
Have I missed my chance?
Everything tried, left undone by half.
I know the jokes on me,
But should I cry or should I laugh?
I was never meant to win.
Track Name: Have
Run this machine along the crooked tracks,
Built on a billion backs.
Headed straight off the cliff
But no one bothered to look down.

A boot on the throat of the poor.
Empathy is long gone at this point.
Their motivation, I just can't see.
It seems there's no way out.

Grasping at straws, try to justify
The excess and the greed.
Grasp at straws; Try to keep their place.
They're slaves to what they have.
Track Name: Have Not
I'm not blind.
I can see that our future's been sold,
But there's a world out there that believes exactly what they're told.
The smoke they blow
Blinds and chokes.
We never got a warning,
The watchdog's long since left its post.

We're told to be glad for what we've got,
But all I see is what I have not.

I won't penned in the sty like the rest of the swine.
I know I'm not the only one.
There must be more of my kind.

What will it take to wake you up?
Those talking heads,
They don't give a fuck.
For so long they took your silence as permission,
But now they're losing control.

Now they're losing control.
Now it's time to wake up.
For those who have not,
It's time to wake the fuck up.
Track Name: Let It Go
Search for the reasons I turned out this way.
Why can’t I speak?
Why can’t I sleep?
Why can’t I concentrate on anything?
The smallest defeats suck the life out of me.
Why do I have to swing at everything
And push away those closest to me?
The fear of defeat or the time spent alone?
I’ll never figure it out.

“Let it go,” she said
When I asked it if it ever gets easier.
“It won’t.”
“And when you know
How few things there are worth knowing,
You can try to forget.”

Search for the reasons I turned out this way.
Why can’t I speak?
Why can’t I sleep?
The fear of defeat or the time spent alone?
I’ll never figure it out.

I’ll let it go.
I guess I’ll never know.
I’ll never figure it out.
Track Name: Control
I can’t take it.
It’s everywhere.
In all directions,
It’s blocking my path.
Its grip leaves me gasping for air.

It’s hard to describe how I feel inside
When it takes hold.
Nothing but darkness.
I’ve got to take control.

No interaction with the world outside.
I just try to find some strength
To hold out for a brighter day.
Will it ever come?
An endless struggle tearing up my mind,
It feels like my soul is burning up from the inside.
How can I take control?

I lose control.
Track Name: No Direction
Standing in the middle of a two way street,
I just can’t choose a direction.
It‘s not the way they said it would be.
I just can’t make it work it for me.

Floating with no land in sight.
Nothing to call my own.
So what the fuck do I do?
I just fucking sink.

Afraid of failure, so I won’t even try.
I watch them all pass me by.

Falling with no hand to hold.
Nothing to call my own.
So what the fuck do I do?
I just close my eyes.

Were they right when they told me what was best?
Now I’m feeling the weight of my missteps.

One day I might get it right.
Sort out the flaws in my mind.
Or I’ll keep fucking up
One day at a time.
Track Name: Dust
I never asked what you thought of my life
Because I don’t fucking care.
I don’t owe you shit.
Give me a fucking break.
You’re just dust in the wind.

Reach out all you want.
I’ve got nothing to say.
You threw me out the tried to pull me back in.
You’ve caused me nothing but pain.
Never again.

Fuck off.
Never again.
Track Name: No Choice
We won’t take anymore.
I stand in strength with my brothers and sisters.
I won’t step to the side
And watch another be treated as less than human.
You’ve got the right to ignore it
But to me it’s clear.
We’ve got no choice.
Track Name: Burn It Down
Shed all illusion of hope.
There’s nothing left to save.
Burn it all down,
Dance in the flames
Until only the darkness remains.

You strike the match.
I’ll light the fuse.
We’ll burn it down tonight.

“I’d rather leave this world forever…
Than let life go the way it’s going.”
Rejoice in the warmth
As it swallows us whole,
Free of our burden forever.

We’ll burn it down.