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released January 1, 2009



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MINUS Santa Barbara, California

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Track Name: Endless
chains on my legs, thorn in my side
my past sits heavy in the back of my mind
i can't shake it, can't escape it
force it down, push it aside
i'll dodge the point, avoid the issues,
transgressions justified
i try my best, just to forget
but the guilt keeps crawling back
i've traced it backward through my mind
i'm digging deep but i can't find
just how i came to be this way
try as i may i'll never change

it seems like i'm doomed to run forever
i search for the answers but it gets no better
struggle to learn from past mistakes
this hole's so deep effort feels like a waste
i feel my conscience start to slip again
out of my head, i'm free to sin again
just like that i'm where i started
it seems like this cycle will never fucking end
Track Name: This World
has this world lost its fucking mind?
that's how it seems to me, maybe i'm losing mine
day after day i'm going through the motions, i just can't relate
they've got us on our knees, eating from their hands
no need to force feed they've got us trained to take what we can get
i might not know what's right, but i can see that this is wrong
i can see what's going on, and i don't want to be a part
i don't want to be a part

like rats we go on
there's no hope in sight, maybe i'm going blind
the truth is there's no truth in this world
it's built on illusion and lies
i can see it coming now
but this storm won't wash us clean
we've lost track of where we've been
this shit is way too far ingrained
too far ingrained

i feel it coming down, but it won't change a thing
it won't wash us clean, no it's too late
we're bound to repeat the same mistakes
the harder we strain, the tighter the chains
another face, we're promised change, but it won't end
it's all the same
Track Name: Bloodshot
i'm losing my grip on reality
sleepless nights are catching up with me
losing touch with everyone around me
feeling lost, feeling empty
the weight of this world is crushing down on me
the pangs of loneliness gnaw at me, they won't let me be

my eyes are bleeding
my brain is screaming
i can't escape the feeling this room is closing in around me
i've got to get out, it's getting hard to breathe
there's nowhere to go but this feelings consuming me
don't know if i can take this anymore

i'm seized by paranoia
i don't know why it's always been there and it just wont die
"breathe deep, you're fine"
reassurances don't mean shit when you're losing your mind
i've tried, there's nowhere i can hide

i've lost my sense of what is real
sleepless nights are destroying me
i've lost touch with everyone and everything

my eyes, my eyes are bleeding
my brain is screaming
i can't escape the feeling that the world is falling in around me
Track Name: The Difference
you can speak softly
but there's no hiding the hate and the fear in your eyes
i can hear your whispers, i know more than you realize
but part of me thinks, "maybe they're right"
are we the youth in revolt or just cheaters and thieves?
violent fools? or are our actions justified?

i'm searching my mind and soul
there's no answer i can find
are our actions wrong or right?
do our intentions blur the line?

and does it make a difference? we're all fucked in the end
so what's the difference? we all lose in the end