Hard Feelings


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released January 1, 2011



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MINUS Santa Barbara, California

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Track Name: Never Enough
this can't last forever
the more that i learn, the less that i know
i keep losing sight
i can't stay focused and it's starting to show
things just move so fast now
i'm falling down, i can't keep up
i try so hard to make it
but i never come through, it's never enough
i try to make the best
but the minutes and hours slip through my grasp
i've wasted so much time doing nothing and i can't get it back
life moves by so fast now
my mind is fucked, i can't keep up
i try so hard to keep track, but time slips forward out of my mind

caught standing still
i stare in shock at what has become of my life
in disbelief, i stand and watch as the weeks and months and years fly by

time doesn't heal, it only destroys
without warning, it passes you by
taking what you have and running out on you
what can you do?
Track Name: Weight
another day goes by, it just gets worse
i'm looking at the world, it's gone to shit
i'm losing my will to live
it's getting harder and harder to face another day
i feel my mind slowly decay, this is too much to take
i'm trying and trying not to give into this, but i can't take the weight

been bending for far too long, now it's time to snap back
i've lost all faith, i'm about to crack

i look in the mirror, i can't stand what i see
i'm fucking sickened by the world around me
demons and scum, no matter where i turn
we'll all pay the price, we'll all fucking burn

another day goes by, it's getting worse
this fucking world has gone to shit
i'm losing my will to live

we'll all pay the price, we'll all fucking burn
Track Name: Real Talk
they will always talk
i never listened, because it doesn't matter anyway
don't waste your time, i'm on my own
they can't even look my way
or stand behind the words they say
don't tell me what i need to do

why can't you get it through your fucking head? your words go unheard here
wo why not save your fucking breath for someone who cares?

they walk in line
i will never fucking do what they do
i won't waste my time
i will never do as i'm told
fucking figure it out
i don't give a fuck about you
in my life, you have no fucking say

why can't you get it through your fucking head? your shit has no pull here
so just save your fucking breath, because i don't fucking care

understand that i don't need your advice
i'll do just fine on my own
i'll turn my back, i won't think twice
fuck you
Track Name: Solitary Soul
i live my life turned inward, i rarely leave my head
constantly withdrawn inside, i just want to sink
i know i can't go on like this, men like me just can't exist
there's no room in this world for a solitary soul like me

i want to change, i need to change
but i can't find the words to say
or make the people i love believe me
please believe me

i am like a hurricane
there is calm in my eye but there's a storm inside my head
i can't escape the words that she said
solitary soul, that is what i am
i am a lost cause
i'll look in from the outside for the rest of my life

solitary soul
wander, forever alone
no place will ever be your home
Track Name: Hard Feelings
when i see your face, i can't help but feel ashamed of myself
i caused so much pain, i was never there
i couldn't open myself up, too scared to share the burden
to scared to bare my burning soul

my whole life, i've never felt good enough for anyone or anything
i've never tried, for fear of failing
self-destruction is the name of the game that i play when things go right
opportunity kicks down my door and i'm flying out the back
i know i fucked it up, but you still said that there was hope
you found comfort in the arms of another, with that i cannot cope

i do my best to block you out, but i still picture you with eyes shut tight
my face burns, my stomach turns, i feel fucking sick

i didn't want it to turn out this way
and i'll bear the weight of the blame
i don't want it, but there will always be
hard feelings