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released June 17, 2013



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MINUS Santa Barbara, California

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Track Name: No Direction
Standing in the middle of a two way street I just can’t choose a direction.
It‘s not the way they said it would be. I just can’t make it work it for me.

Floating with no land in sight.
Nothing to call my own.
So what the fuck do I do?
I just fucking sink.

Afraid of failure, so I won’t even try.
I watch them all pass me by.

Falling with no hand to hold.
Nothing to call my own.
So what the fuck do I do?
I just close my eyes.

Were they right when they told me what was best?
Now I’m feeling the weight of my missteps.

One day I might get it right.
Sort out the flaws in my mind.
Or I’ll keep fucking up
One day at a time.
Track Name: Walls
I can handle rejection,
But I can’t take the lies.
All you needed to do was say
What you wanted from me.
Broke down my walls and let you in
So it seems the least you could do,
Is grace me with a little honesty.

I don’t know what I was thinking.
Laid it on the table for you to see.
You threw it back in my face.
I never felt so weak.

I know sometimes I read in too much
I see good where there’s nothing but trouble
Why would it be any different this time around?

I should have listened
When they told me to watch my step.
But you know I could never make it
Make it easy on myself.
I’m trying so hard
To learn and grow from my mistakes
I’ll build the walls twice as high.
They’ll never see what’s inside

I’ll never be a backup plan.
I won’t take a back seat for anyone.
And after all the wasted time
I’ll brush you off to the side.