Tape: Have​/​Have Not




released December 3, 2011



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MINUS Santa Barbara, California

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Track Name: Have
Run this machine along the crooked tracks,
Built on a billion backs.
Headed straight off the cliff
But no one bothered to look down.

A boot on the throat of the poor.
Empathy is long gone at this point.
Their motivation, I just can't see.
It seems there's no way out.

Grasping at straws, try to justify
The excess and the greed.
Grasp at straws; Try to keep their place.
They're slaves to what they have.
Track Name: Have Not
I'm not blind.
I can see that our future's been sold,
But there's a world out there that believes exactly what they're told.
The smoke they blow
Blinds and chokes.
We never got a warning,
The watchdog's long since left its post.

We're told to be glad for what we've got,
But all I see is what I have not.

I won't penned in the sty like the rest of the swine.
I know I'm not the only one.
There must be more of my kind.

What will it take to wake you up?
Those talking heads,
They don't give a fuck.
For so long they took your silence as permission,
But now they're losing control.

Now they're losing control.
Now it's time to wake up.
For those who have not,
It's time to wake the fuck up.